Northern Shukokai Karate Offers a range of Women's Self Defence Courses in Melbourne, which encompass the needs of a wider range of personal requirements.

Womens Self Defence Programs are developed to meet the needs of each Individual women, whether it be a requirement for a complete Self Defence system or a short course for all Women ( Also Children, Teenages and Adults as well).

These courses are personalised to suit the different levels of commitment. You will learn not just the physical techniques to defend yourself, but you will also learn how to use psychology to win in these situations.

Here is just a sample of what you will learn in these Women's Self Defence Courses:

How to understand a threatening situation
What to say and what not to say
When you should run and when you should fight
What techniques really work on the street!
How to handle bigger and stronger people
What to do with multiple attackers
How to develop power in your strikes
Strikes that will stop any person no matter how big or strong they are

And lot's more...

In today's society, you just have to read a newspaper each day to find out that someone has been mistreated or attacked. So don't be a statistic; be a person who is confident and able to handle threatening situations. To find out more about our Women's Self Defence Courses, please hit the 'contact us' button.

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