Dear Sensei Remo,

Womens Self Defence Programs are developed to meet the needs of each Individual women, whether it be a requirement for a complete Self Defence system or a short course for all Women ( Also Children, Teenages and Adults as well).

Thank you for teaching me Karate and I feel strong now. When I am a teenager I might get the black belt and then I will feel safer, so my bully doesn't harm me anymore. I know that my next belt is going to be half yellow and I am able to get ahead because you have helped me to be the best I can be. I thank you Remo " You are the Best".

Love from Marco Perdisci (seven year old student)

Testimonial from Cheryl

As a parent of active twin 6 year old boys I cannot recommend Northen Shukokai Karate highly enough.

One of my boys lacked confidence, the other needed the discipline to concentrate and focus.

The karate instructor Sensei Remo at Northen Shukokai Karate has managed to achieve this with both my boys, at the same time making the lessons

enjoyable and fun!