How Safe Do You Really Feel!

Corporate Self Defence Courses are specifically designed for corporate businesses and companies in Melbourne that value their employees and care about their employees welfare.

Self Defence Courses are specifically designed to account for 'non-martial artists', people that have no time or inclination to visit and train at a martial arts school.

1 hour, half day or full day participation time available on an on-going basis, plus courses for individuals.

Basic course covers self-protection. Longer courses cover more specific scenarios, detailed subject matter more in-depth and cover more of the physical elements.

All courses offer Self Protection advice and training for everyone.

Who Can Benefit From These Corporate Self Defence Courses?

Female or male, from Corporate Directors to secretaries, those in all industries, anyone that travels on foot, in a car, on a bus etc. Anyone and everyone will benefit from these courses and can be tailored specifically, for example women only courses.

What Do The Courses Cover?

Risk Assessment
The Effects Of Adrenaline
Counter Acting Fear
Maintaining Personal Space
Being Caught Unaware
Environmental Awareness
Safety Tips
Techniques For Defence
Pre-emptive Strikes
Release From Grabs And Chokes
Escapes From The Ground
Areas Of Attack
Vital Points
The Law And Self Defence

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Course Online: Self Defence Course

Northern Shukokai Karate has conducted Corporate Self Defence classes for the following organisations:

City of Melbourne
Melbourne University
Sacred Heart Mission